My visual art features anthropomorphized animals that exist in open landscapes, and reflect my deep love of all things dark and gothic. Animals are always at the center, as witnesses to the magical earth that we neglect. They illustrate my own feelings about environmentalism and a search for stillness at the heart of our world of noise. My influences  (painting, illustration, history, graphic novels, religion, gothic music, tattoos, sci-fi) all play a part visually and contextually in my work. I create works in mixed media, textiles, and woodcut. I also ran an artist’s co-op gallery – Gallery Thirteen – with a group of 6 other artists, in Danbury, CT in the late 1990’s. Many of my works are available as giclee prints as well. Please write me for info on showing or purchasing my work. More of my work is on my Instagram page.

Recent exhibitions:
Ninth Life – group show at Calico Gallery, Brooklyn NY. 10/5 – 11/12/23
Lord of Yrself – solo show at Still River Editions, Danbury, CT 10/8-12/23/22
Westside Exposure – Whitney Staff Art Show, New York, NY 9/14 – 9/22/22